Élishia Sharie, Chief Creative Director, Élishia Sharie Creative

We are the shortcut to to stress-free, trustworthy, creative collaboration

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Élishia Sharie Creative (ESC) is a Los Angeles-based creative agency that creates dynamic marketing collateral and branding solutions. We help you escape the clutches of ordinary design, shift your industry, and command the audience you deserve.

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We’re currently working on client projects AND updating our website, so it might look a little different around here. We are still booking clients, so have a look at our services and inquire about working with us on your next project!

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ESC creates vibrantly fresh digital and print-ready marketing collateral and packaging.

Responsive, mobile-friendly, contemporary websites that tell your brand’s story.

We develop a consistent visual aesthetic and messaging to establish or redefine your brand.

Custom social media content and SEO services to grow your audience through online engagement.

ESC puts the spotlight on your brand through captivating visuals and imagery.

We work with brands and recording artists to craft their audio identity.

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Dr. Meghan T. Lee
Clinical Neuropsychologist and Practice Owner / Horizon Neuropsychological Services

Élishia has been the most AMAZING website developer and marketing specialist to work with. From day one, Élishia was very professional, never made me feel rushed, and was able to capture the style/feel that I wanted for my website. Élishia worked with me on transforming the website as my business grew, then guiding me on how to market through various social media platforms. Moreover, my business is now listed on most medical provider information sites (with ratings) and all major map systems. Within less than 3 months, I was breaking even due to her efforts, which is extremely aggressive for a start-up practice.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Élishia and HIGHLY recommend her to everyone regardless of their line of work. She will take the time to learn your lingo, style, and goals.

WOW International Logo
Stephen Tavani
President/Founder / WOW International

My organization has reached over 1.4 million people in the events we have done in the last 30 years. Because of the complexity of what we do and the kind of places we go do them we need to be excellent in our branding, marketing, and media efforts. The challenge is not finding a person and company that can do them, it is finding a person and company that can do all of them very well. Élishia and her company ESC have done all of them for us and have done them extremely well with measurable growth in all areas. ESC plays a large role in getting you to your next level.

Whitley Porter, CEO, Whitley Porter Productions
Whitley Porter

My brand has completely shifted after working with Elishia. She is helpful, attentive, and her turn around rate is unheard of. I am reaping the benefits from her designs and branding expertise. I highly recommend her services for any business, organization and/or entrepreneur.

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